Success Stories

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Alumni Stories

We help young people transition through life with success and tenacity by equipping them with the necessary skills for college and beyond.

We’re proud of our Midnight Golf Program alumni and are pleased to share a few of their stories from different stages in life.

Mentor Stories

As every Midnight Golf Program mentor will attest, the rewarding nature of their work with young adults in the program far outweighs the time put in.

And that time is significant. Mentors attend the program twice a week for 30 weeks and accompany our young people on a weeklong college tour.

Mentors tell us that their work with young people gives them energy. They draw inspiration from students’ fearlessness. They practice accountability with the students and with themselves. And they tap a familial-like love that gives their workaday world a sweeter perspective.

About Our Mentors

Midnight Golf Program mentors are 54 strong this year and are adults from all walks of life, generations, careers and experiences. Mentors are equally balanced between males and females. Over 75 percent of our mentors reside in the city of Detroit.

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