For many MGP students, the transition to college can be stressful without the necessary financial resources. 90% of our students come from low-to-moderate income families, making the high expense of college one of the largest barriers for our young people’s success.

Each year, about $5M in scholarships are earned as a result of MGP’s guidance, including exclusive scholarship funds created by MGP supporters. As a result of these resources, 70% of MGP students graduate college – a rate that is 4-times higher than their unsupported Detroit peers.

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Our Scholarship Heroes

Meet some of the generous individuals and families who make graduation possible for our young people.

Taking Off With Passion and Dreams Scholarship – Lisa and Jim Breaugh

Scholarship Name: Taking Off With Passion and Dreams

How long have you had a scholarship? 6 years

What was your inspiration?

So many things, so many stories however since I began mentoring in MGP in 2013, I’ve realized I have much that I can share. It started with just my time and passion but later my wife and I realized that we could share other resources that God has blessed us with we knew would be put to great use in a scholarship program.

What has been the most rewarding?

The students. I try so hard to give as much as I can to the students and to the program, but I never succeed in giving more than I get out of my time at MGP. Each and every relationship I have been able to craft with the students AND the mentors means so much to me. They all make me better than I was before I knew them and for that I’ll always be grateful.

The Dick Jacobs College Scholarship – Dawn Jacobs

Scholarship Name: The Dick Jacobs College Scholarship

Length of Scholarship: 10 years

What was your inspiration?

We got involved with Midnight Golf to honor my dad, Dick Jacobs. Dick grew up in Detroit attending MacKenzie High School, Michigan State and Wayne State Universities. As a lifelong athlete, Dick was one of the founding members of the “Friends of Mackenzie” which awarded scholarships to young students and athletes from MacKenzie. Through his life he never lost the passion to help others realize their dreams….and that is exactly what Midnight Golf does.

What has been the most rewarding?

We are honored to be able to call ourselves part of the Midnight Golf family, but most importantly we are honored to be able to extend a little help to those who will make a difference in the world. Seeing their accomplishments gives us all hope for the future…. true giants!

Lori and Thomas Simoncic Family Scholarship

Scholarship Name: Lori and Thomas Simoncic Family Scholarship

Length of Scholarship: 3 years

What was your inspiration?

The inspiration was a combination of attending the evening development sessions and the in person Pinning Ceremony, 2019. These incredible young men and women have so much going, so much to offer and Simoncic family is so optimistic that our collective futures are in good hands with the next generation. We can’t help but want to support Midnight Golf. So beyond attending, making annual contributions, supporting the annual birthday celebration, being part of the leadership on the advisory board, putting additional dollars into education was a natural next step.

What has been the most rewarding?

No matter what we can give back, the fact of the matter is the joy we received back far outweighs the contributions we are making. More specifically, watching these young men and women progress, get a chance to grow and prosper, is magical and we are fortunate to play a small part. Finally, our 2020 recipients have embraced college and are doing well, further confirming our commitment to the Lori and Thomas Simoncic and Family scholarship fund.

Michigan State University, Midnight Golf Scholarship – John Ambrose

Scholarship Name: Michigan State University, Midnight Golf Scholarship

Length of Scholarship: 16 years

What was your inspiration?

Michigan State University has always welcomed the largest entering class of Midnight Golf students but more importantly the MGP students come to campus and take on leadership roles in a variety of areas across the campus. They serve as resident advisors, presidents of student organizations, travel abroad, and even conduct research. Inevitably their collective contributions to Spartan Nation continue to set the organization apart from other like organizations.

What has been the most rewarding?

The ability we have to make an MSU education affordable for these students is at the top of our list. We need more leaders like the MGP students on our campus making a difference every day.

Pinning Ceremonies

Scholarships are presented at the annual Pinning Ceremony.