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We help young people transition through life with success and tenacity by equipping them with the necessary skills for college and beyond.

We’re proud of our Midnight Golf Program alumni and are pleased to share a few of their stories from different stages in life.

Branden Nicholas, 2020 MGP Alum

Status: Sophomore at Wittenberg University majoring in microbiology and biochemistry with a minor in Spanish

Zaria Reeder-Wesley, 2014 MGP Alumna

Status: Senior at Grand Valley State University, studying Hospitality & Tourism Management with a Minor in German

“Midnight Golf helped me grow into the person I am today by learning about my abilities and how to use my strengths to accomplish more. Not only did the Midnight Golf Program (MGP) help me enter into college, but I’ve been able to utilize everything I learned and the resources that I have to excel throughout college. I am the oldest in my family and I will be the first one to graduate from a four-year university.”

“When I got accepted into MGP, that was like my moment of truth letting me know that I was doubting myself too much and that I could accomplish whatever I wanted. My MGP mentors sat down and helped me with everything from financial aid to housing. It was hard transitioning, but they helped make it much easier. I’m truly grateful for how much motivation MGP gave me. I am now completing my senior year with a 3.7 GPA, which is amazing.”

Today, Zara is very involved on campus, which is one of the reasons why she was chosen to be featured in the Laker Effect Ad Campaign for Grand Valley State University this Fall. She will be featured on billboards in both Detroit and Grand Rapids as well as The Rapids bus transportation in Grand Rapids. She is very involved and has embraced the college culture its opportunities.

“Being chosen to be featured in the Laker Effect Ad Campaign is such a privilege and I was completely shocked. I do feel like this is sending a message to everyone back home and even in Grand Rapids, that a young black girl from the West side of Detroit can accomplish so much within three short years.”

Her career goal is to become the owner of an international event planning company.


Cameron Weathers, 2016 MGP Graduate

Status: Sophomore at Alabama A&M University studying business

Because of MGP, I am more organized. I have better communication skills, as far as talking to faculty and instructors. I know the dos and don’ts, what is expected of me, and how to carry myself not only as an African American male, but as an MGP alum. MGP also showed me the true meaning of family. It helped me evolve as a leader and as an African American male.

Jennifer Hunter, DDS, 2007 MGP Graduate

Status: Dentist, Washington D.C.

It was comforting to know during college there was always a group of people at home who had my back. Regarding decisions I made in college, without a doubt, the invaluable lessons I learned at MGP definitely helped me navigate through some of the tougher times I experienced. Whenever I have a moment to return to Michigan, or someone from MGP comes to Washington, D.C., we make it a point to get together. There is no distance between MGP and myself that can keep us apart.

Alex Currington, 2016 MGP Graduate

Status: Senior at Oakland University studying psychology and peer mentoring in the Center for Multicultural Initiatives

Golf is one of the program teaching tools of the program. For instance Alex wouldn’t have ever attempted to play golf  if it weren’t for the Midnight Golf Program. It’s really amazing how rare learning golf is for an African American youth. The program is a catapult to success and having social connections also. “The Midnight Golf Program gave me a lot of tips and tricks to be better prepared and a cut above average freshman coming into college.”

Dr. Amber Glenn, 2007 MGP Graduate

Status: Wayne State University School of Medicine, first-year medical student

Midnight Golf Program was by far one of the most impactful in my academic career growth and maturity during high school. Thanks to the MGP, I gained numerous employment opportunities even as a young adult and much experience networking with business professionals. MGP provided access to various golf and non-golf scholarships that I applied for and attained, thereby reducing my cost of attendance Kalamazoo College to zero. Since graduation from Kalamazoo College, I have matriculated to Wayne State University School of Medicine. Even with a hectic class schedule, I remain a part of the MGP family, committed to seeing other young adults impacted and transformed through mentoring and the game of golf.

Kirk Welsh, 2007 MGP Graduate

Status: Motivational Speaker, 2015 graduate of University of Michigan

Midnight Golf isn’t simply a program. Midnight Golf is a family that you are bonded to for a lifetime. We help one another, we support one another, but most importantly, we love one another. Midnight Golf is a lineage that I hold dear to my heart and it is a place where I have established life-long relationships with wonderful individuals.

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