Over the past 20 years, over 2,500 engaged and committed Midnight Golf Program participants have been admitted to more than 100 colleges and universities across the United States. Our college graduation rate is 70%, four times the rate of Detroit students without support.

Read the Impact Report for details on how we make graduation possible for Detroit’s young people.

Impact Report

The Impact Report outlines 20 transformational years of the Midnight Golf Program and highlight’s MGP’s proven method of success for college, career and beyond. The report includes program highlights, financials and statistics on MGP’s outcomes.

Our Results

The need is great and our results are phenomenal
MGP youth graduate college at four times the rate of their Detroit peers. For the Class of 2019, 30% of our 232 students are first-generation college students and 99% have been admitted to college. We obtain the results by during our industry-leading, 30-week intensive leadership skills training, which starts with a family-like atmosphere.

"The students we partner with bring a lot to the table. We certainly don’t make them who they are all on our own. I hope that I show them direction and focus that they may not have seen. Many, so many of them, have very little or even less..." Read Jim's Story Here