As the pandemic continues to evolve, our students are made to adjust to changes that have a direct impact on their educational achievement.



As the pandemic continues to evolve, our students are made to adjust to changes that have a direct impact on their educational achievement.

Renee and Byna
Reneé Fluker, Founder & President and Byna Elliott, Chairman of the Board
Yet, academic and career attainment remain the foundation of our organization and we are so grateful to share that the Midnight Golf Program has continued to provide innovative support for our students and alumni members to achieve success.

Housing & Financial Support:

For many of our college students, being on campus for the past year and a half was not an option. Beginning last March, Midnight Golf assisted our college students with transportation, housing, and storage assistance as they were forced to abruptly evacuate the campus. Thanks to the Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation, Midnight Golf awarded over $150,000 via The MGP Family Fund, to program alumni for tuition, housing, and basic needs assistance.

Hybrid Learning:

Through check-ins with mentors and success coaches, we learned that many of our alumni were feeling the effects of disrupted learning, and struggling to find an adequate environment to participate in their classes. Realizing this issue, with the support of the Children’s Foundation and Rocket Giving Fund, MGP launched a “Digital Hub” for enrolled college students, providing access to safe, quiet study spaces equipped with high-speed internet, loaner computers, and plenty of snacks for an extra boost of energy.

Addressing the Digital Divide:

With support from Ally Financial, Fifth Third Bank, and other generous donors, students were equipped with equipment to bridge the technological gap many of our students face. Thanks to their, and other generous donors’ support, we can further ensure that this crisis will not be a force that holds students back from achieving their long-term goals.

These initiatives and more have had a direct influence on students’ success during their senior year of high school and beyond:

  • 100% of the Class of 2021 was admitted to one or more colleges or universities
  • 95% of college students remained enrolled and on track to complete

    their degrees
  • 41% of alumni have no financial gap

We are so thankful for your undying commitment to our students, alumni, and young adults; our success is made possible because of you!

Reneé Fluker
Founder & President

Byna Elliott
Chairman of the Board


“Talent is equally distributed­; opportunity is not.”
-Leila Janah

The Midnight Golf Program has remained focused on creating greater opportunities for our talented and driven young people by increasing access to and success in college.

Removing Barriers
Removing Barriers


Rising college costs place a particularly heavy burden on households of color, which often face additional barriers to employment and to better-paying jobs. In 2017, average in-state tuition and fees accounted for at least 20 percent of the median household income for Hispanic families in 22 states and at least 20 percent of the median household income for black families in 33 states.

(Center on Budget and Policy Priorities)

Removing Barriers

Dropout Vulnerability

When low-income students stop attending school, they rarely return, diminishing their job and wage prospects for the rest of their lives. Only 13 percent of college dropouts ever return, a National Student Clearinghouse report last year found, and even fewer graduate.

MGP’s Outcomes

our success

We are invested in eliminating barriers to success for all of our students. Starting in their senior year of high school, through college graduation and into the workforce, the Midnight Golf Program provides a comprehensive support system and essential resources so students can thrive during this exciting time in their lives.


Each year, 1,500 applicants apply for 250 spots; a number that represents 25% of Detroit Public Schools high school seniors.


Every MGP high school student receives a comprehensive support system.

30 weeks of high-quality life skills training & 400 hours of direct programming

College Success Coaches are assigned to each student to determine a college or university that fits their unique needs and aspirations

Our mentors volunteer over 390 hours each year (10x the national average) at a 4:1 mentor-to-student ratio

Unique experiences and access to community partners:

  • Annual Road Trip for Success
  • College Fairs
  • Community Service Projects


Support continues after high school. While pursuing their higher education, MGP students also receive:

Continued & ongoing support, campus visits and check-ins from College Success Coaches

College Care Packages during finals week

Exclusive financial resources & scholarships

Career-readiness experiences:

  • Peer-led Back to School Rally
  • Internship opportunities
  • Career Fairs
  • Resume and job interview workshops


70% of MGP students graduate within 6 years – a rate 4-times higher than their peers.


Workforce development opportunities and a Family for Life:

Networking events

3,700 MGP alumni network worldwide. 27% mentors in 2021 are MGP Alumni or parents of alumni

Paying it forward: 36% of 2020 Giving Tuesday donations came from MGP alumni and alumni





With MGP’s guidance, our young people are equipped with crucial life skills training, life-long mentorship, exclusive access to jobs and internships so there are no limits to what they can achieve.

We are proud to show-off four of the more than 3,700 talented young people since 2001 who have benefited from our program and remain a vital part of the MGP family.

Meet Esther, Matthew, Chanelle and Jasmine who are taking what they learned in MGP and are thriving as attorneys and serving their communities in Michigan.

Esther FlowersEsther FlowersMGP 2009
Owner, Rose Legal Services
“It’s when I got out that I realized what a gem the program was and how much it’s molded me to be the woman, the attorney, the wife that I am today.”

Matthew HighMatthew HighMGP 2011
Associate, Wilson Elser
“Being a lawyer, the golf component is important. A lot of times in the law profession deals are cut on the golf course.”

Chanelle ManusChanelle ManusMGP 2009
Chief of Staff, Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation + Manus Law
“It was a wonderful experience to learn a lot of the things that we needed to know as adults that we didn’t get taught in school.”

Jasmine MooreJasmine MooreMGP 2009
Judicial Law Clerk, US District Court
“The program was a blessing to my family because my brother was able to come through the program as well.”


Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Surface Hub at Microsoft MGP Class of 2012

We empower our students to succeed in every facet of their lives and love nothing more than showcasing their many talents. We also believe that no one tells our story better than our alumni. Enclosed in this year’s impact report you will find several written pieces, many of which were written by Leticia Gittens, MGP Class of 2012.

Leticia graduated from the Midnight Golf Program in 2012 and continued her education at Michigan State University with a full-tuition scholarship. Before graduating from MSU with her Bachelor of Arts, Leticia studied abroad three times, interned at Yazaki North America, and worked in the residential halls as a Student Aid. In her words, “the Midnight Golf program influenced every opportunity I was able to take advantage of, supplementing financial needs, connecting me with other mentors, or simply sending care packages during tough seasons at school. MGP’s support is both unending, and always right on time!”

Following her studies, Leticia joined the workforce as a Sales Specialist for Microsoft in Fargo, ND, and was later promoted to be a Product Marketing Manager with the Microsoft Surface US team in Seattle, WA. In her current role she oversees go-to-market strategy for PC products and manages Microsoft’s relationship with some of the nation’s top resellers and vendors.

To this day Leticia continues to work with MGP students helping with various needs or connections. “Midnight Golf will be a part of me wherever I go. I am always thinking of how I can connect students to opportunities or encourage them to achieve their best. It’s what I was taught, and so it’s how I live!”

donor spotlight:


An ally is defined as “a person or group that provides assistance and support in an ongoing effort, activity, or struggle.”
Other definitions include, “to join (yourself) with another person, group, etc. in order to get or give support” and “to unite or form a connection or relation between.” When Demetrius Scott (MGP ‘07) reflects on his 16-year relationship with Midnight Golf, it’s also one of the ways he would describe his bond with the program.

From his first internship, to and through college and throughout his career and major life decisions, Demetrius credits the Midnight Golf Program with being a constant source of support. Sharing the story of interviewing for his first internship during his senior year of high school, Demetrius recalls noticing a golf trophy on the desk of his interviewer and immediately remembering the MGP life skill on networking. Thinking quickly, he was able to build rapport with the interviewer, sharing his involvement with MGP, and ultimately landed the internship. Demetrius has continued to leverage lessons learned from MGP throughout his career.

After earning undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting from Michigan State University, where he was instrumental in establishing their Collegiate MGP chapter, Demetrius accepted an offer at PwC. Working in audit, he also used this time to really lean into finding his passion – another lesson he learned from MGP – and supported the development of a diversity internship program to support minorities interested in careers at PwC. Ready to take the next step in his career, Demetrius leveraged those networking skills once again and joined the team at Ally, recommended by a number of referrals.

Demetrius started at Ally working in financial reporting and accounting, but his passion was always to help others. He started learning more about Ally’s commitment to community service and introduced Ally to the Midnight Golf Program, sharing what MGP had done for him and thousands of Detroit-area students.

Since that introduction in 2016, over the past 6 years, Ally Financial has been a committed supporter of the Midnight Golf Program. In addition to awarding over $120,000 in funding and naming MGP the benefactor of the Ally Challenge Pro-am, Ally team members continue to volunteer their time and talents to the Midnight Golf Program.

LaShauna Lowry, MGP Board Member and Executive Director of Audit Methodology at Ally, when asked what attracted her to MGP – “I support Midnight Golf because the organization not only ensures the student attends college but they follow the student till graduation and beyond. Midnight Golf is truly invested in these students’ futures, and operates as an extended family for them. This program aligns great with Ally’s focus on the continual development of the community and supporting economic mobility.”

Volunteers from Ally have led the charge on assembling care packages for Midnight Golf alumni in college; sorting and packing the clothing & backpacks for MGP’s annual Road Trip for Success college tour; and serving as career mentors for MGP students. Additionally, each year since its inception, Midnight Golf alumni have participated in Ally’s Moguls in the Making business pitch competition for HBCU students – an event Demetrius helped create, plan and execute. MGP alumni have been on the winning teams, earned scholarships, and landed internships – some of which have turned into full-time career opportunities with Ally.

Speaking of career opportunities, Demetrius’ passion for MGP and giving back did not go unnoticed. Recognizing his commitment to empowering communities, Ally created a position for him in Corporate Citizenship. Fast forward 3 promotions later, Demetrius now serves as Ally’s Director of Corporate Citizenship and is looking forward to making an even greater impact.

From program participant, to mentor, to program lead, life skills instructor, and now a member of MGP’s Advisory Board, when asked why he continues to remain so deeply involved with Midnight Golf, Demetrius had this to say, “Being involved this long after being a participant in the program, as I think about my life both professionally and personally, the one consistent thing that’s been there for support and guidance is the Midnight Golf Program. Every accomplishment that I’ve had, to-date, I attribute in part to the Midnight Golf Program. Whether it’s a connection I made, a resource I used, or some of the life skills taught in the program, at every level, there’s been something I’ve been able to pull from the program that’s helped me both as a professional, and personally as a husband and father.”

Ally often uses the tagline, “We’re all better off with an ally.” Midnight Golf couldn’t agree more!

2020-2021 FINANCIALS
AUDITED FYE 8-31-2021



Contributions & Grants $2,032,544
Fundraising $1,009,924
Total Support & Revenue $3,042,468

Life Skills & Mentoring $726,759
Road Trip for Success $27,661
Making Graduation Possible Program $351,377
Total Program Expenses $1,105,797
Fundraising $402,229
Management & General $381,254
Total Support Expenses $783,483
Total Expenses $1,889,280


Growing our annual budget by 25% in 2021 ensures that our students continue to receive the same high level of support.

Thank you to all of our donors who make our work possible

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