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The College Success Program, launched in Fall 2018, gathers key data while forging relationships with MGP students. This new program works with students during their senior year of high school and throughout college to provide the hands-on, proactive and data-driven guidance they need to earn degrees. Four dedicated full-time College Success Coaches support the 1,800+ MGP graduates who are enrolled in college . They provide the students with proactive support to access on-campus resources, guidance from MGP staff, and financial assistance.

Early results

College Success Coaches have successfully connected with 100% of the MGP Class of 2018, who are in the first semester of their freshman year at more than 50 schools around the country. One of the main focuses of these early “reach-outs” was for coaches to assist students with their class schedules to ensure they are getting adequate course credits to meet graduation requirements. Coaches also got to know the students and ensured there were no financial gaps.

Our College Success Coaches planned and executed the following Success Saturday events during the 2018-2019 school year:

  • Financial Aid Information Fair (TIP, FAFSA, grants and loans0
  • MGP College Partners Fair
  • College Majors & Careers Fair
  • College Fair (30+ colleges attended)

Establishing a pipeline for data-driven success

Coaches have also been working to on-board the current class of 2019 into the MGP student portal, a customized online database used by MGP to track crucial student information. 90% of students have already been fully entered into the database and coaches have collected information including SAT scores and high school transcripts to assess students’ admit-ability into college. Coaches will use this data during one-on-one meetings to assess their individual college goals and begin strategies for how to achieve them.

Class of 2020 updates:

  • 88% students in the Class of 2020 are enrolled in college for this fall.
  • Class of 2020 students are represented at 60 different colleges and universities throughout the country.
  • 31% of college-bound students from the Class of 2020 are going to an HBCU.
  • Student received $205,289 in scholarships from 17 funders.
  • We received approximately 20 requests from Class of 2020 students for laptops to aid in their virtual learning. 100% of these requests were fulfilled.

These interactions are designed to gather information in support of measuring against our Student Success Factors.

College Fairs

College Partners

The Midnight Golf Program maintains college partnerships and relationships with colleges and universities around the country.

Learn more about our College Partnerships.

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